About Us

Coming from a background of business after completing my degree in business I could never really get into the idea of working in office related jobs. I always found myself looking for more or something else to do, I have always been creative and thats how freelancing in makeup started.
I used to sit in my room practicing different looks every single day! then started doing makeup for my girlfriends and before I knew it I was a makeup artist! Having been self taught I believe gives me more passion and makes me thrive for what I do and its through that passion that I decided to create my own line of eyelashes.
As a makeup artist I truly believe that lashes are of paramount importance to any look, therefore I wanted to create my own line of perfection to suit all different shapes/size eyes. 
The aim being to provide high quality eyelashes at an affordable price as well as keeping the longevity (reusable up to 20 times) ensuring its benefitting both MUAs and fellow lash lovers!
After a lot of research and testing the team and I are proud to bring to you QueenLashes! I have personally designed each lash and spent a lot of time selecting the right hairs for my lash by trial and error to ensure perfection.
We promise you will love them...


With Love,

Queen Bx